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A CSBFL Loan is a business financing option for businesses which are looking to start up, expand or purchase another business. A CSBFL loan pays for equipment, chattels and leasehold improvements up to 90 percent of the invoice and is capped at 350,000. Since the CSBFL Loan is insured by the Federal Government there is a 2 Percent insurance primium payable to the federal government and in the event you business fails in operation the federal government Guarantees 75 percent of the loan amount to the Bank and you are only liable to pay 25 percent of the loan amount to the bank.

Working Capital

If Your business has been in operation for a minimum of two years you may qualify for a working capital loan from a 100,000 dollars and up. You may use the proceeds from this loan for marketing, hiring more staff or any other business need you may have.

Business Line of Credit

If your business is in an operation where you have account receivables and not paid on day to day basis you may qualify for a business line of credit to help you operate on a daily basis until your account receivables are received by you.

Owner Occupied Building Loans

If you are looking to purchase a commercial premises for your business we can get you up to 90 percent borrowing in the event your business occupies a minimum of 50 percent of the premises.